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Welcome to Griil-Tree Enterprises.

The following story details how the Grill Tree was conceived.

 One hot summer day in 1986 I was exploring Adams Lake BC when I heard some hostile language. It was women campers trying to arrange stones and green branches to hold their pots over their open campfire. Spilled and burned food was everywhere. What a disaster. The air was thick and heavy, so I left. Having inventive ingenuity, " I had to solve the campfire cooking problem. It would not leave me alone.
One morning at 3:00 A.M. I bolted upright from my cozy lair. The dream was still illuminating in my head.I quickly sketched the details of the vision, then later built
this gadget, and slightly modified it. This was the birth of Grill Tree.

Investor inquiries are always welcome.

Paul A. Bjerg
Grill Tree Enterprises

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